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2015.01.01 | I gave up on love..

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

I met this guy on an online dating app at the end of 2014. We spent every day together from 2 days after Christmas till New Year’s Eve. We went to a New Year’s Eve party, which I had never done. We got dressed up and partied the night away! It was the most magical time. But everything shifted a few hours into the new year. It was over – just like that. The next day I declared that I was giving up on love or finding that one.

This was the beginning of 2015, which would be the most impactful year of my life. I felt something in my gut about that year. I had been reading a lot of books and listening to videos on getting to your higher self during 2014. I was seeking my purpose. The experience on New Year’s took me to my lowest low ever. It was painful. But I was hopeless and hopeful at the same time. I didn’t plan my next move but I got ready for the journey.

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