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2015.04.27 | it's just hair..

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

I struggled with whether to share this video or not. It’s been 2 years and I still cried when I watched it again. But sharing my story includes sharing my most vulnerable (not so pretty) moments.

While I’m glad I was able to donate my hair to a worthy cause, I now believe that I didn’t have to lose my hair. But when the doctors and reports were telling me I would lose it, I allowed those seeds to grow. Not all chemo patients lose their hair. I believed I was going to lose my hair before it happened and I manifested just that.

When I did lose my hair, people liked to “comfort” me by saying it would grow back. That was the least comforting thing to hear (lol).

I could never understand how women could cut their long beautiful hair so willy nilly just because they got bored. I wonder if they would be so nonchalant if they didn’t have a choice about losing their hair. I’m not trying to judge anyone for doing whatever they want with their hair but maybe if someone is considering cutting off their hair, at least consider donating it.

Music: Tim Reeves | just the way you are

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