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2016.04.01 | 1 Year Post Diagnosis..

This video was recorded 1 year after my breast cancer diagnosis (Mar 2015). It was hard for me then to look back at how the past year had been and it still brings me to tears today – almost 4 years later.

Years before this cancer journey I decided to “go natural” (or stop using chemicals to straighten my hair) and document my natural hair journey by recording videos. Recording videos was a way of journaling. I not only talked about hair but any and everything that came to my mind. I had a great time talking to myself.. ha! Tim said I was best friends with myself!

Tim also knew that I wasn’t making videos to just keep them to myself, but I wasn’t hearing him. Well, I started sharing my story in February of this year (2018).

This video is basically the last of my videos before I got married and moving back to my home state of Michigan.

This is my story..

Thanks for watching! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

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