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finding the One..

I felt like I had hit rock bottom on January 1, 2015. I had never felt so low. I gave up on the hope of romantic love. While I went through my mild depression, I used this opportunity to get closer to God. I started meditating. I prayed more. I watched videos on healing and getting to your higher self. And I started listening to the Daily Audio Bible (DAB). It’s like the Universe was sending me everything I needed to go through my journey.

In February I stumbled on a video clip about finding the One and I made a list. Clearly I forgot I had given up on love. Anyway, I made a list of the qualities I wanted my One to have and I saved it on my computer and forgot about it.

March was my birthday month. I was coming out of the fog of depression and heartbreak and I wanted to take a trip, which I always did to celebrate my birthday. This year (2015) I decided on Gatlingburg, TN. I had heard a lot of good things about it since living in Cincinnati. Although the ride down was a bit long and drown out, I had a great time relaxing and clearing my head.

And just when I thought I was getting back to my happy place, the bottom totally dropped out. Like what!? Huh?! Two weeks after my birthday I get the dreaded breast cancer diagnosis. What? Not in my birthday month!? Are you kidding me? Uh, no. After picking myself off the floor it occurred to me. From the beginning of the year, God was preparing me for my journey. How miraculously beautiful.

I knew intuitively what I needed. My family wanted to come be with me and take care of me, which I’m so grateful and thankful for, but I needed to be alone and stay centered (I learned staying centered from the DAB!) That was my mantra. It was still devastating, not gonna lie, but then the peace came.

Yep, I lost my hair. Back on my back again. Devastating. I went through 20 rounds of chemo, surgery, and radiation. One day I was in the chemo room chilling and I got a call from a friend back in Detroit, which was the sister of my ex-boyfriend from high school. We had kept in touch over the years but I hadn’t heard from her in years so I figured she must have heard I was sick. We caught up for about an hour and the fact that I had cancer never came up.

I few months went by and my old friend texted me to see if it was okay to pass my number to her brother, Tim. When he called it was like no time had passed between us, which by the way was 20+ years. I still didn’t expect we would be anything more than friends. When I told him I had cancer, he was in shock. I didn’t know it at the time, but he said he couldn’t sleep that night.

The weekend after my surgery in October, Tim came to visit. He was bald and had a salt-n-pepper goatee and more beautiful than when we were teenagers. Score. We just hung out, walls up and everything. I wasn’t ready to let anyone in. I was working on my healing and didn’t want any distractions. Why now would he come back into my life?

He was exactly my One. He was everything on my list. He was everything I wanted, everything I needed and everything I didn't know I needed. Timing was everything. The next few months we continued to talk as I went through 10 weeks of daily radiation. It was an intense courtship, every day he peeled back one of my layers. He didn’t take it easy on me either, even though I was sick (ha). He gave me the gift of transparency.

Who knew I would meet my One after starting my year off at my lowest low and having breast cancer?! Won’t He do it!

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